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  • Can Bengal Cats eat popcorn?

    Bengal cats look similar to jungle cats but are totally domestic. Bengal cats have strong and muscular body features. Bengal cats being highly energetic are very active and intelligent cats. The Bengal cats are very healthy cats for having a domestic cat. Diet for Bengal cats is not a hassle for these domestic cats. For these cats, there is no need for any kind of special diet they can have the same diet as for any other domestic cat. All you have to make sure that you take good care of these cats and provide them with quality foods that are healthy for them.

    Bengal Cats

    The Bengal cats can eat popcorn ( first off, check out this article - www.petcomments.com/can-cats-eat-popcorn ) and other human foods as well but make sure you don’t make it hundred percent of their diet. It’s healthy until it doesn’t increase the fifteen percent of their daily diet. Popcorns that are of high quality without oils are good for the Bengal Cats. The fiber contained in the popcorns is very good for the cats. The popcorns do provide some energy to the cats but of a limited amount. Even the popcorns and other corn meals for cats do include some amount of fiber, protein, B vitamins along with iron and other important nutrients for the cats.

    With many of easy microwave popcorns are dangerous for the health of any cat due to the additives in the microwave popcorns. Any popcorn containing butter, oils, onion, or salt in them like in microwave popcorns they are not good for the health of these cats. So it’s better to avoid these kinds of popcorns that can do any kind of harm to the health of your cat. Any kind popcorn covered with various flavors such as chocolate, caramel or even any other kinds of flavors are not safe for a healthy cat. Various type of butter or cheese substance in popcorns is not at all healthy for the cats. Only popcorns free from any salty, spicy, buttered, and toxic flavoring can be given to the cats but in only little amount. Don’t make it cats habit for having popcorns each and every day. Popcorns given once in a while would be a better and safe choice for your cat.

    But when concerning about baby cats it is best advised not to give them any piece of popcorn. Since they can choke on the piece of single popcorn. No matter how much your baby cat bugs you to get a single piece of popcorn while you are enjoying your popcorn it is best not to let them have any popcorn. Giving a popcorn to your baby cat is not worth at all you don’t want them to end up sick or choke on the popcorn?

    As for Bengal cats when they are grown up to be adults they can have very less amount of popcorn but only in a limit. It's better not to play with the health of the Bengal cats. So before giving them a piece of a popcorn make sure they are not microwave popcorns and they must not contain any toxic substance that is not healthy for the Bengal cats. The benefits of popcorn are very less in amount while the risks are very high so it’s better to avoid popcorns much as possible for the health of your cat.