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    Taking up camping as a new hobby can be intimidating. There is a never ending amount of gear to purchase and tips to follow. However, this article will highlight the absolute basic camping gear that one should have with them on their first venture into the great outdoors.

    Sleeping Bag

    Sleeping Bag: You'll need a good quality sleeping bag since it can get cold at night even in warmer climates. Unless you are going camping in freezing temperatures, a good quality sleeping bag that is rated to 20 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient for the average camper. You can expect a decent quality sleeping bag to cost you anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars.


    Tent: Tents are sold in sizes based on the number of people who can sleep in them. A good rule of thumb is to add one to this number. Doing this will ensure that you and your camping companions will not have to be cuddled up together all night. Alternatively, you can purchase a one person tent and sleep on your own. It is wise to purchase what are called "footprints," which protect the bottom of the tent from rough terrain and effectively waterproof the bottom of your tent from the damp ground.

    First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit: Even tiny cuts and scrapes can become infected during a weekend in the wilderness. You'll want to bring along a small first aid kit with bandages and a product to clean wounds. It is a good idea to pack some aloe vera gel in case of extreme sunburns.


    Flashlight: You won't always want to rely on fire for lighting. A flashlight is important in the middle of the night when you need to step outside and relieve yourself in the pitch dark forest. Investing in a small headlamp is generally reccomended, as it will allow you to light your way hands-free.


    Clothing: You'll need to pack warm clothing, even when camping in the summer time. Depending on your location the nights can get extremely cold even during the summer months. Make sure to include items like sweaters, thermal underclothes, jackets, thick socks, hats, and even gloves.


    Food: For beginners, your best bet is to bring a frying pan and a pot and various items that can be conveniently cooked over an open fire. And of course, you will need matches and a lighter to start the fire. Snacks like trail mix and protein bars are excellent for a quicker meal. Be sure to research ways to store your food to keep your campsite safe from wild animals. You'll need to bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration. It is also very important to bring garbage bags to take away your trash at the end of your stay.

    Remember: take only photos, leave only footprints!

    Other Essentials: A sleeping pad can make your stay in the woods much more comfortable than a sleeping bag alone.Be sure to stock up on bug spray and sunscreen to keep your skin healthy.Depending on your location, it could be useful to stock up on a heated blanket powered by batteries. A tarp is a good idea in case of rain.Bring some newspaper or similar materials to help get your fire going.Most of all, have fun and stay safe!!


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